Is this your child?

As a speech and language therapist I work with pre-school and school aged children.

I also provide support for concerned parents, family, carers, teachers and other professionals involved with the child. I work in Northamptonshire, Milton Keynes, South Leicestershire and Warwickshire. Click here for a map showing the areas covered.

Sound familiar?

Does your child experience any of the following difficulties?

  •   Listening and paying attention.
  •   Saying certain words or making speech sounds.
  •   Unclear speech, little or no talking.
  •   Not appearing to understand.
  •   Remembering what people say, or following instructions.
  •   Putting their thoughts into words when speaking or writing.
  •   Finding the right word, or meaning.
  •   Acting inappropriately in social situations.

If so, they may benefit from a therapy programme to help them speak clearly, understand communication or improve their general language skills.

How can I help?

If your child has any of these challenges, and you’re concerned, please click here to find out how I work.

Please note: Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders need more specialist support than I can offer as a generalist therapist. Visit the Help With Talking website to find a specialist.