Is your child struggling to speak, understand or communicate?

It’s too easy for children who seem unable to engage in conversation to be excluded, or overlooked.

Are they struggling to learn, ‘shutting down’ or being disruptive in the classroom?

Children with language difficulties often find it difficult to follow the teacher, instructions or classroom routines.

Are they showing signs of frustration, or a general lack of progress?

Some children become reluctant to speak – or lose their self-confidence – when other people can’t understand them.

Hi, I’m Lynn Griffiths, a generalist speech and language therapist who works privately. I design individual programmes, which help children speak clearly, understand communication and improve their language skills.

I’ve been working with children, adults, parents and carers since 1994. During this time I’ve developed new approaches for parents who want to help their children become able communicators.

Please note: Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders need more specialist support than I can offer as a generalist therapist. Visit the Help With Talking website to find a specialist.

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